Thursday, September 27, 2012

Purple has it.....

Recently I was contacted by a beautiful bride-to-be, who is set to marry her leading man in the upcoming spring, to make her a few sample invites for her upcoming nuptial. She is definitely one of your most laid back bride-to-be who pretty much gave me free reign to create. all she said was "Purple", which happesn to be one of my favorite colors :) I chose to give 3 different styles and format. The first was a simple flat card with a decorative purple/silver Nepalese panel separating the couples names name from the rest of text and embellished with a fabric purple flower and rhinestone accent. The second was a layered flat card on a deep plum backing, blocked with a silver scroll empress paper and embellished with plum ribbon and rhinestone accents. And finally the third card was a white pocket, gatefold card enclosed in a personalized purple/silver/white band. Let's just say that the blushing bride LOVED them all and she's still choosing.

Which one do you like? Find them here at the Shop

Until next time, keep it classy...keep it memorable

Ms. -K-


  1. I Love the first one. The flower accent adds so much flare to it. Keep doing your thing and CONGRATS to the bride to be!!

  2. Beautiful! :)

  3. It's soo pretty!;-)

  4. They are all so beautiful - I didnt know you had such talent! Great job hun! I know she will have a hard time picking one.