Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Why Choose Custom Invitations

Embroidered Gate-folded Invitation Embroidered Gate-folded Invitation

Like everything for your planned big day I personally believe choosing the right invitation should be well thought out and chosen. It should be given as much thought as the cake, outfits, wedding dress. I mean this  is the first impression you guests will have of your big day, right?

So with this  beautiful thing we have as technology there are endless options of choosing an invitation. All sorts of colors, folds, designs. But which one will stand out to your guests and also be a reflection of you? This is where I recommend choosing custom invitations. It allows you to:

-Be unique and creative……You will have the freedom of creating something that you and your guest have never seen before. Not mass produced and store bought.

-Personalize……..You will have the flexibility of choosing the exact color, the perfect wording, the style and texture of your invite and what we specialize in here at EMD, the perfect embellishment.  Instead of settling for a pre-made card, you can have one that’s made to order

Since custom invites are generally handmade you will need to give ample time for the design and production process. At EMD we recommend you begin the process 2-3 months before you plan on mailing the invites.  Quality work takes time as oppose to just pointing your mouse and clicking and have it delivered in 3 days. Believe me, it will be worth it :D

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Inviting Details

Let’s talk invitations. That first clue  you send to your guests to announce your big event. Just like everything else you do to make sure your big day is a success, it’s the little details that your guests will remember and what brings everything together.

When it comes to your invitations, one easy way to embellish it and give it that ‘wow’ factor is by adding envelope liners. I absolutely love them which is why I add them to almost all of my creations. They can jazz up any invitation and set yours apart from the rest.  This small little detail will make a huge impact on your overall stationary suite and have your guests gasp in bewilderment before they even get a chance to get the invitation out. Like ‘Bam’ :D

EM Designs

A Touch of Pearl - EM Designs

Gold Dust - EM Designs

Jeweled Road - EM Designs

Star Lights - EM Designs

How about those 'Thank you' cards. Even if you got those plain old 8-pack cards from your favorite store you can simply take one of your favorite pictures from your event, bring it to your local printing shop to make into a big sheet, then cut it up and mike liners out it. It will give the cards that personal touch that your guests would really appreciate. No doubt this little jazzy detail will make your event unforgetable.

So what do you think?