Thursday, May 24, 2012

Flower On The Rocks.......Yes Please

OK so after a recent visit with my physician, I've been told that my blood pressure is a little bit elevated than I, she would like. And for me, taking any kind of pills is NOT a first option, lol, unless its pain medz. And the pain has to be pretty severe. So she recommended I try this DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) healthy eating plan. Notice how I didn't say the dreaded word "diet" lol. That's because I dont beleive in diets. Healthy eating plan sounds wayyyy better to me. And since I'm not trying to take any blood pressure pills, she didnt have to twist my arm to give this a try. Personally I can sum this eating plan up as fruits, fruits, fruits....veggie, veggie, veggie....grains, grains, grains :D.

So this eating plan has me on the hunt for some great recipes that are not boring and that me and my family will love. And I came across this blog, Divas Can Cook, owned by the lovely Monique. Lets just say that she has me falling in love with my kitchen all over again. One of her creations I came across is this post for Roses In Ice. What else can you say about it.  It looks absolutely beautiful.

This is a must have for just about ANYTHING. So simple, yet so elegant. Perfect for any intimate settings bridal/baby showers, girls night out at your place, or if you're like me any day of the week with a glass or 2 of Moscato, hellooooo : ). You can consider this a "conversation" piece or an ice-breaker, ha. But have fun with it.

Until next time, stay safe....stay blessed.

Ms. K

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

BTB: Back to Business

I'm back on the grind from pretty much going on a hiatus. Going back to school to finish my studies was truly one of the best decisions/investments I've ever made. One class down, 15 more to go, ha. And of course I am an A grade student : D..... *pattying myself on the back*

Back to business: I was excited to to receive a request from the WW, Shimika over at Intoxicating Vixen, who wanted to do something extra special for for the special ladies in her life. She asked me to create these personal cards for her Mom and her son's (My Cutie Q) Godmom for Mothers Day, or as i like to call it Superwoman Day. I mean honestly, us moms do it ALL. So here are the results. For the Godmommy, she wanted soemthing to match her personality, classy, savy and full of charm. A Tiffany Blue layered card with a tiger print black on cream fine Nepalese fine paper. Adorned with a Tiffany Blue ribbon and a Tiffany Blue bowshapped crystal embellishment.

For her mom who loves the beach, nature and has a very outgoing warm personality I chose to a tri-folded Lake Blue card, lined with a Yuzen print  black and gold Japanese paper and embellished with a gold fabric flower and a balck and gold button in its center

I really enjoyed creating these pieces knowing how personal they were. I was also delighted to know how
much they were loved as well. You can read more here at Intoxicating Vixen's blog.

I got my creative juices flowing, so I have a lot more in store. Stay tuned.....

Ms K.