Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Clutch it!!

This Clutch It segment is the first post in a series of my SpotLight Corner. Here I will be shining the spotlight on items that will help to make your event memorable.

So you're at a wedding and the bridesmaids are making their debut. You gawk at the gorgeous dresses and coordinating clutch, yes clutch. Bridemaids carrying a bridal clutch instead of a bouquet is becoming a very hot trend. I'm not a trendy person but this is one trend wagon I will jump on. Especially for the non tradional brides, this not-your-norm feature will definitely give your guests something to talk a good way of course.

Here are a few visuals

More reasons to go with the clutch:

(1) As a bride this option will make you stand out even more as you can choose to be the only one carrying a bouquet. (2) Giving your girls clutches can double as their bridesmaid gifts and you can even write a heartfelt thank you note and put inside. thsi will make them feel even mroe honored sharing this day with you. (3) It's just too darn cute

So go ahead, clutch it!! And remember, don't make it a party...make it an event!!

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